Therapy for Individuals in Bristol

I first started my counselling practice in Bristol two decades ago. I gained particular experience in counselling in bereavement, addiction and other trauma, together with relationship issues.

I subsequently trained in body psychotherapy at Chiron Centre in West London and started my psychotherapy practice in 2005. Since then I have expanded and deepened my practice to include depression, sexual abuse, physical and emotional abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), general anxiety, abandonment, neglect and other issues. I also welcome enquiries from people who wish to improve their lives or perhaps have repeated patterns that they wish to change.

People come to counselling and psychotherapy for a very wide range of reasons.

You may be interested because you:

  • have reached a point of crisis in your life and feel that you can’t carry on in the same way, and need to make changes
  • feel burdened by fears and anxieties which may restrict your life
  • feel responsible for the effect that you have had on others in your life and want to change
  • feel a lack of meaning in your life and want to regain the enjoyment of life you once felt
  • feel overwhelmed by strong emotions that you cannot control
  • recognise that you are struggling to cope
  • see that your difficulties in dealing with your emotions, or with stress in your life is having a detrimental effect on your heath

and for many other reasons too numerous to list here.

Through psychotherapy or counselling you can expect to achieve progress in making positive changes on how you interact with their world and how you experience yourself in your life. Most people feel that it is helpful and a support for positive change in their lives.

Counselling is normally undertaken for a limited timeframe, but this can always be extended if the issues are not yet felt to be resolved. Psychotherapy can similarly be either short-term or long-term and the choice can be made after you have started sessions, in the light of your experience.

If you are interested in having Psychotherapy or Counselling then please book an initial consultation so we can meet and discuss how I can meet your needs and whether we ‘click’.

We start with an initial consultation

You can request an initial consultation for us to decide whether we are suited to working together. At that time we can discuss how many sessions it would be appropriate to commit to; usually this will be for an initial period of a few months. Some clients may continue after this, and for deep-seated problems and achievement of fundamental and lasting change, the sessions could continue for eighteen months or more.


My standard fee for individual work is £50. Some fees at lower levels are available to benefit claimants and those on low incomes.

People on higher incomes are invited to contribute to a fund to aid clients that are struggling to pay for their therapy.

Looking for relationship counselling?

I also offer couples counselling for relationship problems.