Couples or Relationship Counselling in Bristol

Couples counselling offers a secure space where you can both safely open up to feel, explore and express your underlying feelings and longings to each other in a safe context that may ultimately pull you closer and and help to find some resolution to conflicts. You can recover or discover what is currently missing and work towards creating an emotionally and physically fulfilling relationship for you both.

While I normally see couples together I may also at times talk to each partner individually for a session or two. I aim to maintain a safe therapeutic space in which each partner can express their viewpoint and have that acknowledged.

You can both discover just why your partner pushes your buttons and hopefully also discover how those buttons got there in the first place.

My background in body psychotherapy provides me with an understanding of the powerfully visceral and perhaps overwhelming emotions that can be evoked by relationship conflict or breakdown and ways in which those intense emotions might be handled.

Of course relationship counselling isn’t a magic cure and while I can facilitate healing and change, it requires that you are both willing to change and give conscious attention and care to your relationship.

I provide relationship counselling for couples of all ages and of any sexual orientation. Relationships may be long-standing or recent, legally formalised as marriages or civil partnerships or not and be in any kind of difficulty or conflict.

We start with an initial consultation

For couples seeking relationship counselling or psychotherapy in Bristol, the initial consultation is also charged at the normal rate.

My fee for couples is £60 with some fees at lower levels available to benefit claimants and others on very low incomes levels.

People on higher incomes are invited to contribute to a fund to aid clients that are struggling to fund their therapy.